About the Torpmans

Our family consists of four members - Martina, Peter, Agnes and Eric. Our main interests are football, floor ball, golf, alpine skiing, hiking, geocaching, travelling, etc.

Agnes #14

Agnes lives for football and plays floorball. She currently attends the International English School in Karlstad.

Eric #13

Eric plays football and floorball and is currently going to school at Hammarlunden in Hammarö.

Martina #11

Martina works as a consultant with Altran Scandinavia. She has a wide range of abilities but usually works as a project manager. She loves volleyball, golf and MTB.

Peter #3

Peter also works as a consultant for Altran Scandinavia. His main interest is problem solving. On his spare time, Peter is a coach for the IFK Skoghall P03 team. He works as a lieutenant for theSwedish Home Guard. He thinks MTB is da sh*t!

Peter is a freemason and currently holds the IX degree. His motto is: Defend what is Right