Back in 1984 I saw the TV-series “Roots” by Alex Hailey, and then my big passion for finding out my ancestors started.

I began my work by asking my parents and grandparents about all that they remembered in forms of their parents and grandparents. Names, birthdays, birthplaces. Everything.

Then, I “hit the books” at the local library in Åmål and started to look for all the pieces that there was to find. I have found quite a lot. And I still seem to find some new person every now and then. Now that DNA is a part of genealogy research – who knows what secrets might be uncovered and brought to the light of day?

You can find my research findings on FamilySearch.

Have fun looking through the results, and if you find out that we are related – don’t hesitate to contact me.


On my father’s side I come from the Torpmans that origin from Johannes Svensson Torpman who served as a soldier in the Royal Värmland Regiment between 1823 and 1851. Johannes lived in the small village of Torp in Gillberga, Värmland.

On my mother’s side I come from the Holms that descend from the soldier Johan Thorstensson Holm who served with Västgöta Dals Regiment between 1878 and 1908.

The Torpman Families

In my search for my own Torpmans I have also found some other families that have the same name, but is not related to my Torpman family.

The “Degerfors Torpmans” with the first person named Torpman – August Wilhelm Torpman – you can find here:

The “Hammarö Torpmans” with the first person named Torpman – Johannes Jonsson Torpman – you can find here: